The worth of MyJHB proven to Danny Ashton

Writing for in a post titled How many links does $1,318.72 get you using Zemanta? Danny Ashton proved that does give value for money.

Danny used a tool called Zemanta to reach out to blogs and news sites in order to get backlinks to various items of content that he created for his infographic agency Neo Mam.

Zemanta works in the following manner: Content is placed in front of bloggers who are just about to write related posts, and the better the content the more links you can get. Zemanta case studies feature some outstanding links from big sites such as, Wall Street Journal, etc.

Based on reports from some content creators who reported aquiring links for around $14.00 each, Danny embarked on a campaign with Zemanta.

BUT, after filtering all the results Danny’s campaign resulted in a cost per link figure of $62.79 – quite rich when one considers that we are offering advertising space on MyJHB for $1.00 a day or that a PPC campaign would have cost in the region of $2.00 a click.

Anyway, what tickled us pink at MyJHB is that after Danny applied all his filters to determine the worth of his campaign MyJHB survived all the way to the final cut to prove that we do give value.

As Danny said;

In exploring the links further, I was shocked. I found that nearly 20% of the links were out of action. Two blog posts had been removed, One site was offline and another site was 301 redirected.

21 links has now been reduced to 17

By using GroupHigh, I then checked how often these blogs were updated. After running the report, I found out that the last posts made by four of the blogs were over six months ago.

17 links has now been reduced to 13

I then pulled these links through Majestic SEO to get a CitationFlow score in order to remove any blogs with a citation flow of zero. Shockingly, five more links were crossed off the list.

13 links is now eight [of which MyJHB was one]

We left a comment and some suggestions for Danny. Also – he has now got one more decent EDITORIAL link from MyJHB which is what he was looking for.

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    Alan – thanks for helping clarify the situation a bit here. Would love to have our publisher relations team reach out to you for a chat – some interesting product feedback ideas which I think would be useful to get your opinion on as an active publisher/blogger.

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